Abeer Sheikh



Abeer Sheikh started his musical journey in Pakistan at the age of 12. He started as a singer and guitar player, fronting several bands and experimenting with various recording softwares. After hearing music like Aphex twin and Bonobo, he started experimenting with electronic music production and released his first EP on Bleep Bloop Records.

A year later, he had releases on labels such as Tretmuehle and Budenzauber. His next release was picked up by Dantze and he went on to release a collaboration on Seamless Recordings.

His influences include a lot of bands and musicians such as Led Zepellin, Radiohead, Frank and Tony, Sigur Ros, The Mars Volta, Rampue, Viken Arman, Nujabes, Batu Ozer, Bonobo, Butane and Shigeto.

He has been on hiatus in Thailand since 2013, learning new instruments and experimenting with production techniques. He is set to return to the studio at the end of 2016.

You can check out his music at :