Dance To The Machines of Loving Grace...

Stereo brain boxes beating out rhythms. The pulse takes your soul and throws it to the music, step by step, bone by bone. There lives the Voice, the Image, the Beat. The Experience. This is what we give you.

Why? For what we do, and what we are, is for the people.

We are a music collective + record label from the Great White North (okay, Toronto) that celebrates the technological and the organic through the interpretation of the audio and the visual, through collaboration and performance. We host and represent some of the city’s finest and most groundbreaking visual artists and musicians.

SENSELESS was the start, an immersive, multi sensory experience. We want you to celebrate, unwind and be involved. Let your body go. We want architects of sound and vision to join us in our mission to bring art that hits the heart, the eye, and the soul, to populate the events that we produce.

Come - Join us in making aural and visual sculptures for the people.