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Alberto Jossue is a master storyteller in his musical compilations. He’s known for the versatility of his sets and his ability to adapt. Pulling from a repertoire across multiple genres, his major influences remain in the deep tech / techno field. Whatever he plays, he’s always looking to achieve a perfect balance between energy and emotion.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Jossue has been living in Toronto for the past decade. His love for electronic music began at a young age and he decided to pursue this passion as a DJ five years ago. In this short period of time, Jossue has proven to be one of the premier artists coming out of the Toronto music scene. He’s performed at top nightclubs in Canada. Most importantly, he’s been fortunate to share the DJ booth with some of the most well-known international artists today. An accredited live studio musician with a background in audio engineering, he lacks no talent or knowledge.