For the creative mind, music offers an ideal formless space, where the only conceivable limits to self-expression might be imagination, or experience. This freedom is what has captivated Hauy, giving his avid nature a medium where he can transmit emotion as sensation in its purest form. Hauy is on a journey without a destination, a wanderer infusing his love for melodies and moody sounds with rhythms and textures that blend cultures and genres.

Hauy’s meticulously detailed productions walk the line between the structured dynamics of electronic music and a visceral melt of emotion; the result is an irreverent sense of atmosphere and dazzling transient melodies. Hauy’s tracks have been supported by artists such as Joris Voorn, Renato Ratier, and Lee Burridge, who signed Hauy’s Your Way To Paradise EP on his label Get Weird in 2017.

Currently residing in Toronto, Hauy continues to evolve and develop his emotive take on electronic music. His DJ sets carry the same depth and intimacy as his recordings, serving floating synths and grooves cut with slick, deep and progressive sounds. Loved by clubbers everywhere, Hauy’s tracks are being played at some of the world’s premiere music festivals like ADE, The BPM Festival, Burning Man, and Spectrum, and his growing global recognition has seen him work the decks at an ever-growing list of clubs in North and South America. Hauy draws us into a deeply authentic, melancholic yet hopeful world rich in tones and texture, melding mood and sound on a trip best experienced by listeners with open hearts behind closed eyes.