“‘Senseless’ was actually pretty sensible. Part of getting older is knowing when the party ends. Once you hit your mid-20s, you can’t be filling your existence with never-ending, always escalating acts of debauchery. It gets sad. Plus, you’re supposed to be able to hold down a job and shit. You got the impression right away then that Senseless is the EDM fest for a slightly older crowd. Senseless wasn’t about a spring-breaking effort to engage in amateur hedonism.”

“Senseless is proof that bigger isn’t always better. Better is better. Better location. Better people. Better… well, the music is exactly the same. But it’s a more measured amount of fun. More precise. An experience for a Saturday afternoon that isn’t intended to f*ck you over for Monday morning. We are excited to revisit this festival next year.”

“Senseless is truly unlike anything ever showcased in Toronto and combines art, food and music, which are three widely popular creative areas that are celebrated in Toronto every year. With an unforgettable first year, it will be amazing to see how Senseless stimulated the senses for years to come.”

“The real star of Senseless, though, was the venue itself. The industrial backdrop for the festival added much to the overall experience of the day, neither indoors nor outdoors, neither dirty nor clean, neither out of place nor totally fitting. With Luminato and Unsound taking over the Hearn Generating Station, the It's Not U It's Me crew utilizing The Power Plant, and now Senseless transforming the Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto is seeing a well organized revival of cheeky rave spots, something the city has been crying out for since the late '90s.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 5.59.51 PM.png

“Senseless was this unstoppable force of raw, refined artistic impression.”

“From taste to touch, sound to sight, and the occasional evanescent aroma, from the venue, music, lighting and attention to sensory dimensions overall, For The People created a richly textured experience, ultimately designing a vivid, different and spirited event for Toronto's house and techno scene. I'd go back for seconds in a heartbeat.”


“Senseless…would’ve been to focus on just the music, to have yet another rave-esque Saturday under the sun, sold out but perhaps missing the point. The organizers consciously chose to avoid the financial appeal and to address the details, the often neglected senses, instead. This was evidenced by the carefully chosen food stands like Leaf + Bone and Penthouse Catering, the SubPac backpacks to help you feel the music vibrate through your bones and the VR booth for those craving an even more immersive experience.”

“Senseless [sens-lis] noun


A state in which all senses are stimulated, leaving you senseless; July 9, 2016 @ Evergreen Brick Works for the people”

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 6.03.56 PM.png

“As I boogied and ate my ice cream on the dance floor (what more could you want), I was given the opportunity to try out a Subpac. After leaving my license and credit card in exchange for the pretty serious equipment, I put on a slim backpack that allowed the vibrations and bass of the music to be felt through my body. It was at this moment that I felt truly immersed in a different music experience. I was entertained, engaged and following along what this event and venue really had to offer, rather than being a passive attendant waiting for a song or DJ that I like, without much else in the way of a full rave experience.”

“With the promise of more than music, Senseless’ next brightest dimension was the astounding visuals. From the space itself, to the many art installations, it certainly excited the eyeballs. The alley behind the stage was a path of wonderment filled with a wide array or art projections and elements that had attendees lost in selfie twirls. Further highlights included an area that paired a Microsoft Kinect with a projector that allowed patrons to have their wildest dance moved animated into some pretty wicked visualizations, plus a full out VR experience. Add all this to the raw brick, graffiti covered walls and sculptures towering from the ceiling, and everywhere you turned there was something to see. The art aspect gave the event a feeling reminiscent of Nuit Blanche but with far less walking and much better music.”

“All-in-all Senseless did what it set out to, providing a unique experience that went beyond the music. If it returns next year I’d definitely be back but this time earlier in the day to ensure I could fully experience all of the dimensions. That said, it wasn’t quite like any event I’ve ever attended and originally equates to some major cool point in my book.”